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Eligibility to Enter the Professional Legal Studies Course

New Zealand degree holders

In order to undertake the Professional Legal Studies Course (PLSC) you must have been conferred with, or be eligible to be conferred with an LLB or LLB Honours degree. This includes those Honours students who, while they have not completed the Honours component of the degree, have satisfied all the requirements for an LLB degree. It also includes, subject to certain conditions, final year students who have sat their final exams but have not yet received their results. If you are eligible under this latter category you should discuss this with your PLSC provider.

Overseas degree holders

In order to undertake the Professional Legal Studies Course (PLSC) (if required),you must have had your overseas qualifications assessed under the Council’s overseas admission system. (see Overseas Qualifications page)

You must also have completed all other requirements imposed on you by the Council as a result of your assessment. However, you may undertake the Legal Ethics course (if required of you) before, concurrently with, or after completion of the PLSC.

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